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Mercedes delivers “The Best or Nothing”. A giant in the automobile industry, Mercedes-Benz has been successful because it has always kept its customers at first. For instance, the seats in Mercedes-Benz cars are made with the consultation of orthopaedic physicians. With innovations like Safety Cage and Anti-Lock Brakes which later became mandatory safety features for automobiles, Mercedes has proved itself to be most innovative and customer friendly.

Abode of pre-owned Mercedes Benz

Joseph Cossman once said, “Our business in life is not to get ahead of others but to get ahead of ourselves.” Time and again, Mercedes-Benz has come up with innovative features and classic models. But quality comes with a price and that too, a huge one! Not everyone can buy a new Mercedes Benz. But you can definitely purchase pre-owned Mercedes-Benz. At Caars Nation, we try to bridge the gap between dream and reality for car lovers. A one stop shop for pre-owned luxury cars, Caars Nation offers a wide range of cars from different luxury brands at the best prices.

In pre-owned Mercedes-Benz, Caars Nation offers:

  • GL

 - With enough space to occupy 7 passengers, this SUV offers a top speed of 220km/h. A 6-cylinder model, GL provides standard specification Crosswind Assist which on recognizing the effects of strong gusts of wind reduces them.

  • SLS

 - Powered by 6.2-liter V-8 engine, SLS is a supercar all car lovers wish for. With a front engine and rear-wheel drive, it’s a two-door coupe’ and has a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic with manual shifting mode transmission.

  • E Class

 - A mid-size Executive car, E class is available in two types of engine layouts:rear drive or all-wheel drive. E Class offers different engine choices as well, which include a 195hp turbo-diesel four, a 302hp V6 and a 329hp twin-turbo V6. Convertibles and Coupes are equipped with either a 329hp twin-turbo V6 or 402hp twin-turbo V8 powertrain.

  • SLK

 - A crazy combination of a roadster and a coupe’, the car is a beauty everyone would love to won. With a retractable roof which hides without looking ugly, the car has a V8 and delivers 415bhp.

  • S Class

 - Available as 4-door Sedan and 2-door coupe’, S-Class is a luxury Sedan. A lot of options are there in S-Class. Customers can choose from 449hp 4.7-liter twin-turbo V8 (available in both rear drive and all-wheel drive) and 523hp 6.0-liter twin-turbo V12 with rear drive as well. It also offers plug-in hybrid.

  • ML Class

 - A crossover SUV, M Class shares the platform with GLK-Class and GL-Class. The base setup has 3.5-liter V6 engine and comes in two layouts: rear-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive.

  • G Class

 - A mid-size SUV, G class is also called G-Wagen. Characterized by its high and boxy style, G Class looks like an ultimate beast. It has Twin Turbo Premium Unleaded V8 engine and is a 7-speed automatic.

  • Mercedes-Benz AMG

 - The collaboration of Mercedes-Benz with AMG has brought to the world some most-sought-after vehicles of the world. The cars designed and manufactured under Mercedes-Benz AMG title speak skilled performance of designers, craftsmen and engineers. The brand has proved that short cuts never win the race.

  • Mercedes-Benz CLS

 - Mercedes-Benz CLS stands as an emblem of perfection and power-packed performance. The cars in this series are just the right and accurate symbiosis of form and light. The lavish details and stylish silhouette of the CLS class make it a completely unique product with unmatched quality and performance.

  • Mercedes-Benz A-Class

 - It is a series of compact cars with front-mounted engine and front-wheel drive. The sporty exterior of the car completely redefines the current concept of hatchback. With the limitless agility coupled with dynamism makes this beast the best among all. Adding more to the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle is the diamond radiator grille.

  • Mercedes-Benz Maybach

 With the refined and worldly tag of being experiential and been around, the Maybach perfectly honors your staunch high rated individuality and distinct selfhood of being the top-rated elite. 

A second hand Mercedes Benz, not a bad idea!

Affordability is the key factor for any customer going to buy a car. Second-hand Mercedes Benz cars are not only affordable but can give the same feel as the new model if maintained properly. At Caars Nation studio in Delhi or the showroom in Gurgaon, we make sure that the used car model you purchase undergo a rigorous 151 checkpoints and is well certified and verified.

We strongly believe in two things - First that our customers are our promoters and Second that Quality should never be compromised. Together this has resulted in increased following for Caars Nation not as a name but a leading player in the used car segment in India. If a Brand trusts in Quality, people entrust the brand. Both our facilities, our Delhi studio and Gurgaon showroom speaks volume when it comes to our quality inventory of myriad of luxury brands.

Who said that happiness can’t be bought? Visit our store and buy your happiness!