About SUV

You've always lived by the 'Work Hard and Play Harder' philosophy of life, which cuts across all facets of your life including the type of car you drive. If that is the case, than the Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is just the car for you. A humble people carrier during the weekdays and a road hungry beast during the weekends- The premium luxury SUVs offer something to satiate both the needs.

Keep Pre-owned Luxury SUVin Option

The SUV puts off-roading capabilities before style, performance or fuel economy. The modern day SUVs have been engineered to perfection and can break class barriers with ease. For instance, most SUVs are conventionally off-road vehicles, however modern day SUVs have luxury features and ride in comfort rivalling many modern sedans. Nevertheless there are still a few strictly off road capable SUVs designed and developed by some renowned makers of cars in India and other parts of the world, namely Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Range Rover, BMW, Hummer, Cadillac, Porsche at al, which provide serious off-roading capabilities for the adventurous minded.

Owing a premium SUV is the dream of every car enthusiast but not all can afford it, however, for them the huge world of pre-owned SUV is the way out. Caars Nation is one such player in the pre-owned luxury car market, which provides access to certified and verifiedused exotic SUVs of your dream at best price. But before you dig a big hole in your pocket to buy a used luxury SUV or the new one, check out the four main reasons why having an SUV is a blessing for you:

Go Anywhere: Employs a 4×4/All Wheel Drive system that transmits power to all four wheels for better off-road mobility.

More Space: The bigger the better! A premium luxury SUV comes with oodles of space that allows more room for cargo and leg space for the passengers.

More Comfort: The higher seating position makes the ride a lot more comfortable and provides better on-road visibility.

Feel like a King: Because owing an SUV makes you feel like the King of the Road while driving around the town 3-feet above the ground.

Second Hand Exotic SUVs are in Trend Now!

Yes, you read it right! The arena of second hand luxury SUVs or better to say pre-loved luxury SUVs is so huge that finding the car of your choice is no more tiresome or tedious and when you have Caars Nation at your service you don’t have to give your decision a second thought because the experts here are specialized in handling your each and every query single-handedly.

Some of the hottest ever pre-owned exotic SUVs that you can take your hands on at the Caars Nation showroom include the 2013 used Porsche Cayenne Turbo and Diesel, 2011 used Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG, 2012 used Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VXL and many more.