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About Coupe

As they say, Small doesn’t mean insignificant. Small can be mighty. Luxury coupes might be small in size but the performance they deliver on the road has made them a popular choice amongst car buyers. Coupe is a closed body style, 2-door car with two seats but some carmakers do provide 4 seats in the configuration of 2+2. Small packets of wonder, coupes are a tough competition to sedan and SUV and if you’re driven by performance, premium luxury coupe is the best choice for you.

Range of pre-owned luxury coupes

Dwight D. Eisenhower once said, “What counts is not necessarily the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog.” Sedan and SUVs might be ruling the car market but it doesn’t mean that coupe is any way lesser than these two. Coupes because of their small size can accommodate very less space and unlike SUVs that are bulky and big, they are lightweight, thus a perfect car for everyone.

A coupe might not be as big and as spacious as a sedan but it is well trained to give you an adrenaline rush with its speed, performance and aura. Carmakers around the world like Bentley, Audi and Mercedes have given us some of the best exotic coupes and buying a new one is not as easy as it seems, as it might shell a heavy amount out of your pocket. So, does it mean that only those born with silver spoon can enjoy the ride in a coupe?

Well, the answer is a complete no as the pre-owned car market is flourishing all around the world. And investing your money on a used luxury coupe is not at all a bad deal, especially if you are purchasing from an authorized dealer. Caars Nation, a prominent name in the second-hand cars market in India, offers pre-owned luxury cars at best prices. Not only the cars are affordable, they are also well maintained, certified and verified by theconcerned authority. So, rest assured! Your pre-owned luxury coupe before being put on sale has gone through a strict process of checking. The process is repeated with all the cars to assure good quality to our customers.Here, let us give you not just one but four reasons to buy a coupe:

Better Fuel Economy: Luxury coupes employ high-powered four-, six- or eight-cylinder engines that provide powerful and thrilling performance, and because of the increased use of turbocharging, coupes have far superior fuel economy when compared to other models.

Easy to Park: Size does matter, especially when it comes to crowded places. Luxury coupes are small in size and therefore, can be parked easily in a crowded parking lot. No more space issues!

Cosiness in Space: To enjoy the driving, you need to consider the seating arrangement of a coupe. Adding two more seats at the back takes away all the space from the vehicle. A coupe, as the name might hint, is meant for a couple, hence an ideal tourer for two people and not for a big family.

Lightweight: When compared with a convertible, a coupe’ turns out to be much lighter. Though a convertible has a soft top unlike coupe’s hard top, the mechanism used to make a soft top work almost adds the weight we think is saved from the replacement.

Drive back home your own second hand exotic coupe

Exotic coupes are everyone’s favourite. Watching one being driven in a luxury coupe is a delightful spectacle. We all wish to be in the position of the driver but not everyone is able to turn this wish into reality. But with Caars Nation at your service you can actually turn your dream into reality by getting your hands on the second hand exotic coupes from some of the biggest brands in the automobile industry.

All the cars before they are showcased in the showroom are checked thoroughly and only then they are put on sale. With a promise to make every car enthusiast’s dream of owning a luxury car come true, Caars Nation makes a point that all the cars are sold only at the best prices.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our store and drive back home with your dream car!